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Curious information on Meccano UK's earlier exports to the Swiss market and Meccano France's outfits.  Among the examples are four 1914-1930 outfits rescued from the dusty top shelf of a toy shop in Geneva some years ago! Unraveling the muddled up contents raised some interesting mysteries!  Enjoy these pages and explore certain facets of what was happening outside of the UK in the fascinating history of Frank Hornby's Meccano company.

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 Early Swiss Meccano No.4 set circa 1914 updated 27/11/03

 Swiss Meccano Accessory sets, 1927-1930 Red-Green period updated 15/11/2004

 Meccano France products  updated 23/12/03

 A simple plate roller

 Imperial Thread tables and misc. data

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 Meccano Web Ring

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